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Malta - Turkey Logistics &
Road Transport

* Malta - Turkey Road Transport
* Malta - Turkey Air Freight Transport
* Malta - Turkey Sea Freight Transport

Inter- Partial Transporting Between Turkey and Malta in a reciprocally way

pictureWe provide the service of  land route trailer truck  importing and exporting transportation, clearing  in partial or total form in a periodically and reciprocally way  between Turkey and Malta

We practice partial transportations through France or Italy to Malta with the organization which is made with France. We deliver your loads to the address just at the right time . On demand we can deliver your goods to the customer’s door by taking the loads your address and door. We can do door to door transportation.


We perform reciprocally importing and exporting  transportation of textile, white goods, chemical substances , medical materials, heavy industry, automotive, food products, structure, construction materials , furniture, machines, iron- steel  importing and exporting  trailer truck  transportation between Turkey and Malta