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Transportation of Land Route

Kardesler International Transport is the top ,on which lines it has been serving as transporter of land route, since the company was established.

It provides service regularly to France, Spain ,Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Netherland, Romania, Bulgaria, Morocco, Tunisia , Algeria, Corsica and Malta from Turkey.

It is transported partial load, total load and Project load mutually and regularly from Turkey to this Countries and from same Countries to Turkey in 5 (Five) days of weekday. In accordance with the customer request the transportation is serviced in the form of Door to Door and if required it is undertook to be representative and communication liable abroad. In accordance with demands the orders are followed on behalf of customer, including storage and packaging in domestic and abroad all logistic services are met.

We perform securely your fair logistic services abroad.

Kardesler International Transport gives service in the frame of quality conscious with the responsibility of its business action ,with partners of working countries